“Janelle is a gifted speaker who is extremely well prepared to deal with a variety of topics both at a professional level as a counselor and in a ministry setting for hurting people to whom she brings a message of healing and hope. She proved once again that she has superb communication skills, which she is able to couple with a dramatic flair that rivets the attention of her audience. Thanks to Janelle our conferences were a great success.”

- Bud Phaup,
Associate Professor, College of Business Administration,
University of South Carolina,
Director of Carolina New Song Ministries

Janelle Hallman Speaking

Janelle is a teacher at heart and has a passion for sharing life-giving messages. She is a gifted, energetic and multifaceted speaker who is comfortable in a variety of settings, such as:

Janelle Hallman in GermanyIn professional and training settings, she has a unique ability to organize and distill difficult concepts into easy to understand, practical and engaging presentations. In lay and ministerial settings, she has a unique ability to touch deeply into the hearts and experiences of men and women, both young and old. She is refreshing and creative as she brings biblical stories and characters to life. Her lectures are heart felt and extremely impacting to a wide variety of audiences. One hallmark of her speaking style is her personal transparency and honesty. Many have openly expressed their appreciation of her vulnerability and realness. Janelle can address broad issues related to God, life and redemption or specific issues related to homosexuality, gender and sexual wholeness. On the subject of homosexuality, she can comfortably address audiences comprised of men and women with same-sex attractions, parents of gay-identified children, counselors, clergy or graduate and psychology students.


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